MIHUS is an Estonian magazine that presents youth workers and anyone else interested in the field with the latest theories, views, research and practices in youth work.

MIHUS is published three times a year: in January, May and October. Each issue is dedicated to a specific topic in the field of youth work, which it explores in depth.

The magazine’s name is an Estonian synonym for quality, consideration and value, all of which characterise the work we undertake and what we strive to achieve in doing so.

The first issue of MIHUS was published in 2009. Since 2019 the magazine has been published online.

Contributions to the magazine come not only from its editorial board, but from others involved in the field of youth work as well. MIHUS is published by Erasmus+ and the youth programmes centre of the European Solidarity Agency, which forms part of the Estonian Education and Youth Board, with support from Erasmus+.

MIHUS was awarded 2nd prize in the Golden Egg advertising awards in 2012 for its graphic design.

MIHUS finished in the top 5 in the Estonian Design Awards in 2016 in the ‘Illustration’ category.

The magazine is illustrated with the works of Estonian artists, including young artists.